What String Quartet?


This is poppanotes, the blog to help negotiate my two prevailing identities: dad and musician. Hopefully, this will not only become a place for conversation (monologue at the very least) on any number of musician, technician or fatherly topics, but will also help to satisfy my need to share some of my music.

There are, of course, many ways to share music. So why put it into a blog? Because a blog is informal. Why choose an informal venue? Because my music often remains unfinished, the in-betweenness of the blog format feels most appropriate for sharing the experiences of music potentially perpetually unfinished, if not the music itself. And/or maybe there can be conversation (monologue at the very least) sparked by the common experience of shorn art, unmade music, inspiration deferred – for even prolific writers must have pieces of projects that, for whatever reason, never see the light…

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