Top 100 Rock Songs of the 1990’s

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Here now are the top 100 rock songs of the entire 1990s decade. This was the golden era of alternative! This list comes from Tunecaster at big rock top 100. Tunecaster has video links for most or all of ’em. I put up a few selected videos for my favorites, or at least songs i felt like hearing today.

1. Daughter Pearl Jam
2. Scar Tissue Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Come As You Are Nirvana
5. Are You Gonna Go My Way Lenny Kravitz
6. Hotel Illness The Black Crowes
7. Sex And Candy Marcy Playground
8. What It’s Like Everlast
9. Jealous Again The Black Crowes
10. Moneytalks AC/DC
11. When I Come Around Green Day
12. Losing My Religion R.E.M.
13. My Own Prison Creed

My Own Prison was the biggest rock song of the 1990’s that did…

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