New Music: Overexposed – Maroon 5ive (album review)

Established Mayhem Clothing

by Latecia Shantrea 





Album: Overexposed

Artist: Maroon 5


I’m a super fan for Maroon 5.  I’ll say it proudly.  I’ve purchased every album – I purchased/downloaded the debut album 7 times (2 were “lost”, 1 was admittedly borrowed by a friend and never returned, 2 had to be replaced because I played it so much the scratches from the cd player rendered it unusable), and I’ve made it a point to catch them whenever they happen to be playing in a city near me.  My friends know how I feel about Maroon 5 – not just one person, but the ENTIRE group. I’ve watched on the sidelines as the band went through a few personnel changes, wondering how this would impact the sound of the band, only to rejoice when there weren’t any noticeable changes. 

I’ve been listening to Adam Levine sing to me in one form or…

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