Guns N’ Roses: One In A Million

Today I Listened to...

Axl knew about Iran! OMG- did you know that? He says he doesn’t want to live in a mini-Iran, he hates religious people, and he thinks all the “faggots and niggers” immigrated from Iran to live in the U.S.- which is notoriously tolerant of both black people and homosexuals. Meanwhile, you’re One in a Million. No wonder Iranians love GnR so much.

Axl’s devastatingly insightful socio-political commentary aside, there is something heartbreaking about this particular live performance. Just the casual cool way they’re sitting down, among the audience. They hadn’t developed all those mannerisms and gestures yet- the screaming and running, the strutting and strumming. They seem so relaxed with their music, and they perform in this down-to-earth easy manner. Watching this video, you think Big Thoughts about the Tragedy of Life, the Passing of Youth, Friendship, the Evils of Fame and so on.


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