Day 361: Winter Flower

ace reporter: threesixfive project

Well, here we are, stranded in Brooklyn when we’re supposed to be back in Los Angeles. I think we’re the only ones left in the building. This morning, the snow outside was so thick that it covered half the windows and muted the sounds so much that all you could hear was the quiet ticking from the radiator. Cars are buried. 4th Avenue is mostly plowed, but the side streets remain gummed up with snow. Good thing we’ve got DVDs and food in the house. Oh, scotch too. Yee-haw.


summon my cellophane page
i’m getting cold
wrap me up tight i will sleep
here in a bowl
try to make room
i know you have room for me
try to make space
i know there’s a place for me
leftovers from a party no one came today
all the guests were stranded somewhere far away
it was a long…

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