FOOLS FOR ROWAN – Nashville Based Rock Band Releases New Single on iTunes: “Killed A Man Today”

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Los Angeles, CA – Fools For Rowan pleases their fans once again with their new single, “Killed A Man Today“. The track, off their forth-coming EP, Who Killed Amanda Day?, is currently available on iTunes. The Nashville five-some will also be releasing a new music video to accompany the song.

Known for powerful vocals and fierce guitar progressions, Fools For Rowan are by no means new players to the Rock scene; touring with artists like Evanescence, Halestorm, and Trapt, a national college tour, and three invitations to play Summerfest, are just a few of their many achievements. The band is comprised of five very diverse and equally talented musicians and together they bring a tough, but emotional stance to the table through their lyrics and sound.

Recorded and engineered by Stoker White at Omnisound Studios, in their hometown of Nashville…

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